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Unplug + Ask + Listen


"I witnessed a kind of generosity of spirit that I haven’t experienced in a long time.”

X Factory isn't an event.
It's a place to park your soul."

X Factory is an intergenerational circle of women exploring their truth, wisdom, and humanity. Our themed monthly events feature 3 short stories, small group sharing, and the kind of laid-back, radical rapport you create in conversation with smart, passionate women.

Founded in 2016 by Deb Walsh, X Factory has become a space for women of all ages to find reconnection and support in the company of passionate and like-minded people.
X Factory is fueled by curiosity, driven by beautiful questions, and stoked by  stories.


"Thank you for giving us a safe place to be curious and expressive and open."

"I saw how stepping through fear always leads to amazing new beginnings. Be brave. Be fierce."

The X Factory Backstory

Back in 2016, Deb saw a void.

People everywhere were plugged in 24/7, but desperately alone.
Looking for conversations that went deeper, but speed-scrolling over the surface of what mattered. Everyone was talking but nobody felt heard. 

 X Factory was created with one simple mission: invite people to pause - together - in real life. 
To stop, ask, and listen. 

Since our first circle of 50 women met in the Fall of 2016 (our first conversation theme was "Chance"), hundreds of women from all walks of life have connected at X Factory, emerging more hopeful, engaged, encouraged, and supported. 

We hope you'll join us, and help inspire growth, action, change, and positivity in yourself, one another, and the world. 

I recently had the sheer joy of being in conversation with two amazing female friends who invited me on as a guest on their podcast "Wise Women Speak" to talk about wisdom, X Factory, Q Cards, and how we all need more unplugged spaces and conversations in this life. 

I knew I'd love talking with Linda and Lana, as they are two brilliant, compassionate, funny women - each in their own right. What I didn't know was how much clarity it would give me about why I love the work I've been doing for the past few years.  But isn't it often this way: That you don't realize your own wisdom until you're in a conversation that invites you to articulate what it is you now know. And in the retelling, you realize how this knowing has changed you for the better. 

Take a listen, and use the time codes below to skip ahead to highlights: 

6:00 My journey back to a creative identity

8:35 How we close off parts of our identity when the world says it's not safe

9:05 It's harder to be who you're not

11:40 The "wisdom gap" and how knowledge culture isn't the same as discovering your wisdom

12:30 Our hunger for spaces to discover wisdom - on belonging and acceptance

15:10 How our globally interconnected world still leaves us craving spaces for conversations that go deeper

16:00 Creating X Factory's structure

19:00 Why receiving a story changes your relationship to your own story. 

20:00 Bringing back the sacred practice of women's circles and intergenerational wisdom-sharing 

22:00 Everyone has a story to tell when they feel permission to explore every aspect of their knowing

24:44 How questions are story curators

25:20 What are the magical effects of having a great Q as your wingman? 

30:30 When I didn't take my own advice and get help 

30:50 The title of my future memoir

Deb Signature.png

Deb Walsh
Founder & Creative Director, X Factory


How To Join


There are a few ways to experience the joy and connection of X Factory. 

One: Grab a ticket to an upcoming conversation circle. Every theme gives you the chance to listen, learn, and connect more deeply.

Two: Save by buying a 3- or 6-series package. Tickets are transferrable if you can't make a date.

Three: Host an X Factory for your team, company, or in your city.

Explore Our Upcoming Conversation Themes and Find Purchase Options Below


"Beautiful camaraderie
and safe sisterhood."

"Now I'm not scared to take a chance because the stories I heard gave me hope."


 Conversation Themes 



Who are you without all the DOing? How can we find and honor our own rhythm? Be more fearless? Cultivate belonging, becoming, and well-BEing?

Thursday, July 26, 2018
6:30 pm

Pilates West Bay
5 Division St.
East Greenwich, RI 02818



How can you commit to creative curiosity? Where have you followed a creative calling? What are you trying to create in this world? And where do you need help?

Sunday, August 26, 2018
4:30 pm

 Sundance Massage and Wellness
410 Main St.
East Greenwich, RI 02818



When have you been compelled to act bigger, braver, bolder? How has a personal change or crisis been a catalyst to action? What does a life of action mean to you?

Thursday, September 27, 2018
6:30 pm

Sundance Massage & Wellness
410 Main St.
East Greenwich, RI 02818




Catalysts. Re-visionaries. Free-spirits. Who or what has catalyzed you to think outside the box? Break some rules? Change the game? What does it mean to be a rebel?

Saturday, December 1, 2018
6:30 pm
Sundance Massage and Wellness
410 Main St.
East Greenwich, RI 02818

Our holiday gift: Pay-what-you-want/BYOB
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How have you explored the boundaries, horizons, and frontiers that have arisen before you? What is living on the edge? Where have you fought to erase an artificial edge or border? Where do we meet the cutting edges of life, and what have they taught us?

Sunday, February 10, 2019
4:30 pm
East Greenwich, RI

Venue: TB Announced

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We are all a never-ending story.
X Factory is where we discover ourselves with new eyes and ears as we experience the stories of others and their paths to
discovery and wisdom.

It is in the listening that we discover. In the telling that we reframe. And in the community that we find love and connection.

Message me if you’re interested in sharing your wisdom at X Factory.

I’d love to hear from you via this contact form or drop me an email at


Deb Walsh, Founder


"I have a sense of belonging."


"I am so motivated and excited to accomplish something great this year.
Thanks for the inspiration to get me here."

"X Factory has a laid-back vibe that belies its magical capacity to create
connection and understanding.
I want more." 


Be a Workplace Host


Are you a visionary leader looking for new ways to bring people together in new and meaningful conversation?

Let's talk.  

X Factory can easily be produced by you, using the frameworks, practices and questions I've honed over two years of producing and refining these powerful sessions.

It just takes creativity, compassion, and a drive to connect people and cultivate deep listening, empathy, and change. 

Contact me below and tell me a little about your team and goals.   
I look forward to hearing from you and seeing how X Factory can help bring people together in your community, city, or workplace. 

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"Thank you for giving us a safe place to be curious and expressive and open."


"When you make the space for connection, it will find you."

"Our conversation started as single melodies that blended into a remarkable kind of human harmony. Just what my overwrought mind needed to hear and hold. Peace."